What I do

Here are some of the projects I've been involved in recently.



I cofounded Gymhopper, a B2B SaaS startup which gives individual gyms the network of a big chain, raised funding, became market leader and expanded internationally within 3 years.



Wiggles is a side project delivering ethically-sourced, handmade jewellery at an affordable price. With a 1h/week workload, we ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, are profitable and have thousands of delighted Swiss customers



Privilege is a mobile-first employee engagement platform which gives every company access to 'Google-style' perks and benefits. We built an MVP and acquired over 25 top Swiss firms as customers within 30 days.



10 years of experience as a consultant to startups & larger companies, primarily in the fields of growth, content marketing, B2B sales and lead generation. Also experienced in PM for cross-platform projects & web-dev.

What I'm good at

As a startup founder you need to be able handle 20 different job-descriptions simultaneously. Here are a few highlights...


B2B Sales

I have experience identifying leads and negotiating individual B2B sales agreements worth $100, $1k, $10k & $100k in English and German.


International Sales & Aftercare

As a startup founder I have been responsible for hiring, training and managing sales teams across Europe, including a focus on customer retention.


Customer Acquisition Process & Planning

Thanks to my marketing and developer experience, I understand how to plan, build and quantifiably improve lead generation and sales pipelines for digital products in a high-growth setting.


Viral Growth

At Gymhopper I was responsible for implementing a B2B and B2C referral program, as well as other push and pull based growth initiatives.


Content & Design

I've been lucky enough to learn from the best and create email campaigns, blogs, graphics and crowdfunding campaigns for B2B and B2C companies.


Onboarding & Retention

It's easier and cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Automating the onboarding & retention process and making improvements based on qunatified feedback is something I have first-hand experience in.


Product Management

At Gymhopper I lead a technical and design team to build one of Europe's most popular web & mobile apps for gyms.


UX/UI/SEO improvements

As a consultant and technical founder with a background in sales and marketing I often work with teams to improve their web/mobile experiences.


Mobile/Web Development

On my own projects and as a consultant I have often delivered performant web & mobile solutions, using technologies such as MeteorJS, Wordpress, ReactJS, ReactNative, Swift, AngularJS and NodeJS.

What I'm looking for

I want to be part of a project which makes a real difference to the world around us and where I can learn from exceptional people. Given my skill-set and experience, I'm currently thinking through some ideas of my own while looking for high-growth, early stage companies which I can help scale and perform.

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