Hi, I'm Louis 👋

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Hi, I'm Louis 👋

I help people make life-changing amounts of money on the internet. That's what gets me out of bed in the morning.

On weekdays, you'll find me growing SparkLoop - the profitable SaaS business I cofounded with my friend Manuel. We're the #1 referral tool for newsletters, used by people like James Clear and Tim Ferriss.

Thousands of founders have used my Sales for Founders course and podcast to go from hating sales to making sales. So far they've built businesses generating $millions as a result.

My real talent is social proof. Smart SaaS companies with $50k-2m MRR pay me jawdropping consulting fees to improve their reach, conversions and profit with my social proof framework.

In 2021, I'm turning my "secret sauce" into a book so you can avoid my fees and do it yourself.

Let's be friends!

I love meeting new people online. You can find me on Twitter, email, or I have a standing invitation for virtual coffee.

Rather stalk me quietly from a distance? Then you should give my weekly podcast with Mojca Zove a listen.

You can also book me as a speaker for your podcast or conference.

I've given talks for Stripe and Earnest Capital, and been featured on podcasts like Everyone Hates Marketers and the Indie Hackers podcast.

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