Hi, I'm Louis Nicholls.

I'm a founder, developer and marketer based in Zürich, Switzerland.

I'm a founder, developer and marketer based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Louis Nicholls


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Louis Nicholls


send me an email

Smart companies come to me when they need fast, sustainable growth. Because I have both technical and marketing/sales experience, you can expect results from me that other marketers can't deliver.

That's why companies like Sudden Coffee, Avrios and AXA Winterthur trust me to help them grow.

If you're interested in how I'd boost your sales, get in touch.

This year, in 2018, I'm building PostPerk - a marketing tool which helps ecommerce brands turn new customers into influencers.

I also write a weekly advice newsletter helping 1'500+ founders grow their businesses by 1% every week. You can join us here.

My last 'regular' job was as Head of Platform/Partnerships at Avrios - a VC-backed, B2B SaaS startup.

As a founder, I've built and grown multiple companies including an ecommerce store and Gymhopper, a B2B SaaS startup I cofounded and grew internationally through several funding rounds.

Before that, I worked as a marketing employee or consultant at several startups.

The best way to reach me about speaking opportunities, hiring me, or being featured in my newsletter is via email. Please note, we are not considering outside investment in PostPerk at this point in time.

If you'd like to grab a drink, why not join me in Zürich at the next Indie Hackers Switzerland Meetup (which I organise)?

Gabriel J. Pérez

Founder, Koipun

Louis's advice is spot on, concrete and actionable. Several times he has saved me countless hours with my project.

[Louis] helped my business with sensible advice and an actionable framework for getting to 100 customers.


Indie Hacker

What an awesome talk on customer acquisition at the London Indie Hackers meetup... Louis's insights were on point!

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