"How do I find my first customers?"

"How do I find my first customers?"

It’s a founder’s worst fear…

building something no one wants to buy.

Yet it happens all the time.


Because we make the mistake of building first, marketing later.

If you want to build a profitable business, that approach won’t cut it. You need to be out there talking to your customers from day one.

And guess what... that’s called sales.

Sales isn’t hard - it's just unintuitive.

If you're like most founders, you’re probably wondering…

  • … how do I find, approach and close deals?
  • … what tools should I use?
  • … how do I know if it’s going well?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone - 66% of indie hackers need help with sales.

I learned this stuff the hard way. And it allowed me to build and sell two of my own companies.

But it took me nine years and $millions of software sold to become any good.

A mix of trial and error, reading endless sales books and trying out a whole host of tools...

What if you could avoid these mistakes and find a simple, repeatable blueprint to sales?

A blueprint that helped you…

  • … find your first customers
  • … build something they want to pay you for
  • … close more deals, faster

You can get the results you want by learning to sell too…

How can you learn the important parts of sales, fast?

This sales for founders course is full of practical, actionable advice.

You’ll discover the best tools, strategies and priorities.

Everything you need to find your first customers, learned from my painful experience...

  • … building and selling two startups
  • … leading channel sales for a $14m VC-backed startup
  • … selling $millions worth of software products

Soon, this will be a video course.

But right now I'm doing the whole thing in person. That means you get …

  • … access to a private community
  • five live (and interactive) video lessons
  • three 1-1 coaching sessions (45min each)

For the same price as the video course will be!

  • This is limited to 7 participants and won’t ever be repeated
  • The price is $299
  • Course starts early April, lasts three weeks

But hurry - it’s first come first served!

30-day money-back guarantee

Everything you need to make your first sales, including...

  • ... Pain-Dream-Fix - the sales mindset
  • ... identifying your audience and creating your funnel
  • ... sending cold email campaigns that convert
  • ... sales calls and handling customer objections
  • ... onboarding, automation and much, much more

Is this the right fit for you?

You're the perfect fit for this course if you...

  • ... are a founder, developer, freelancer or plan to be soon
  • ... building a business or side project
  • ... with $0-5k monthly revenue
  • ... selling to businesses or 'prosumers'

If you're selling to consumers or doing ecommerce, this course probably isn't for you.

Gabriel J. Pérez

Founder, Koipun

Louis's advice is spot on, concrete and actionable. Several times he has saved me countless hours with my project.

[Louis] helped my business with sensible advice and an actionable framework for getting to 100 customers.


Indie Hacker

What an awesome talk on customer acquisition at the London Indie Hackers meetup... Louis's insights were on point!
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Louis Nicholls

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Before jumping full-time into consulting, I led partnerships and channel sales for a startup which raised over $14m. Before that, I built and sold my own SaaS company (and other projects).

I'm also the author of the Social Proof Handbook and write a weekly advice newsletter helping 3'000+ founders grow their projects.

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Sorry, this live course is sold out! 😓 But you can join the waitlist for updates and a $200 discount 💰 off the video course when it launches...

Sorry, this live course is sold out! 😓 But you can for updates and a 💰 off the video course when it launches...